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TV series
OAVs and OAV series ( one-shots)
TV Specials
TV episodes re-released in theaters
were filmed in color.
were filmed in B/W
started in B/W then switched to color, mid-run.
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Highest boxoffice earnings: (M yen)
Note: Does not take inflation into account.
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Largest cast: ( seiyuu)
are based on manga. manga have had more than one anime based on them.

are based on video games.
are based on books. books have had more than one anime based on them.

are remakes.

authors/mangaka have had more than one work made into an anime.
"Hijinks ensue" occurs in the plot summary for anime.
What was aired/released on this date:
TV episodes
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are female.
are male.
are genderless.
are hermaphrodites or futanari.
have variable genders.
are machines, AI, or other types where gender is not applicable.
are ordinary humans. (Plus cyborgs and clones)
The most common non-human race is ( chars).
are hybrids of some kind.
Tallest char (not counting giant robots): ( cm)
Shortest char (human): ( cm)
Shortest char (overall): ( cm)
Heaviest char (not counting giant robots): ( kg)
Biggest tits: ( cm)
The most common coloring combination is hair and eyes. ( chars)
chars have multi-colored hair.
chars have multi-colored eyes.
Coloring Breakdown:
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Bloodtype Breakdown: (... chars have a bloodtype specified.)
wear glasses.
have freckles.
have a mustache. have a beard. have both.
have a scar.
have a tattoo.
have a mole or beauty mark.
Most common ages:
Oldest char: ( years old)
Oldest human char: ( years old)
Birthday/Zodiac Breakdown: (... chars have a birthday specified. ... only have a zodiac sign specified.)
characters have a birthplace specified.
Of these, are from Japan ( from Tokyo).
The most common occupation is ( chars).
Student level breakdown: ( total students.)
characters have a pet.
have a cat. have a dog. have a bird.
1st-person pronoun breakdown: (... have a pronoun specified.)
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characters are based on historical figures.
historical figures have characters based on them.
characters have appeared in more than 1 anime.
Most anime: ( anime)
Note: Results are limited to 1 character per (debut) anime.
Otherwise the list would be nothing but Dragonball, Doraemon, Anpanman and Lupin III!

characters are played by more than 1 seiyuu.
Mecha records in DB:
space vehicles
construction machines

other types
Tallest robot: ( meters)
Heaviest robot: ( tons)
can transform.
are component mechs.
Most transform modes: ( modes)
Most components: ( components)
mechs have appeared in more than 1 anime.
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Most prolific seiyuu (most chars): ( chars in DB)
Most prolific seiyuu (# of anime): ( anime)
Most chars played in a single anime:
( chars)
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Most prolific staff member (total): ( anime)
Most prolific character designer: ( anime)

Most prolific mecha designer: ( anime)

Most prolific screenwriter: ( anime)

Most prolific director: ( anime)

Most prolific animation director: ( anime)

Most prolific animator: ( anime)

Most prolific composer: ( anime)

Song records in DB: ...
distinct performers. have also had voice roles.
Most common performer: ( songs)

Most common composer: ( songs)

songs still don't have lyrics :(.